Effective Problem Solving

Do you ever suffer from recurring problems? Those things you thought had been addressed come back to haunt you, often at the most inopportune moments.

Are you pressure bound to get work completed, despite the issues the teams encounter?

Does your business have a problem-solving methodology, a structured approach?

Do you as a leader create an environment for learning and deep understanding of the problems you face?

Often, the pressures faced by leaders mean that this essential ingredients for effective problem resolution fall by the wayside during times of high activity.

If you want to improve your organisation, to remove waste and make value flow better, you had better have good problems solvers in your team, and know how to coach and support them

What you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of Problem Solving
  • Three types of Problem Solving Process and when to use them
  • The importance of a Containment action and when it should be removed
  • The difference between the Point of Cause, Direct Causes and Root Cause
  • How to gather and interpret data, allowing us to understand what appears to be a large, vague problem and break it down
  • Making actions meaningful and achievable, the principle of ‘Better Every Day’

Who should attend:

  • Directors
  • Senior managers
  • Middle managers
  • Team leaders / Group leaders
  • CI Managers and Leads

Materials supplied:

  • All course notes and materials
  • 12 step Problem Solving process templates

Price: £175.00 per person (includes lunch & refreshments)


Aug 11 2020


9:30 am - 4:30 pm


ibis Styles Crewe


ibis Styles Crewe
Hotel ibis Styles Crewe, Emperor Way, Crewe Business Park, Mallard Court, Crewe CW1 6BD, UK


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